What is the easyComment ?

Easy to use

With easyComment; contents will not be without user feedback. You can simply add single code and enjoy it.

Modern design

easyComment will nicely looks your site with responsive and modern design. 100% Customizable view and layout for your own themes..

Fully manageable

With admin panel you can manage all of content. You can delete/edit/approve comments. See reports and manage them, See users and their comments. Change all of settings and themes. Nothing is complex.

One-Click to install

You can easily put all of file into your host. e.g. example.com/comments or comments.example.com and run install wizard. That's it. You will get your code and put that code into your comment area and you're good to go.

One system for all your sites

You can use easyComment for all your sites. Just give them an access in settings. Then code will work all accessing sites.

Colorful Themes

easyComment is highly customisable. With 5 main themes perfecly fix your themes. If you want another themes then you can create your own themes.


Nothing confusing. All user friendly. Your users easily login or register to system. Also commenting is fast and clean.

Great features

easyComment has too many features.
» Rating system
» Report system
» Spam protection
» Comment editing
» Avatar upload
» Ajax pagination
» Admin/Mod commenting
» Guest commenting
» Comment approval
» User’s infocards
» Convert links to clickable links
» Emotion Systems
» Multi-level reply allowed
» Facebook Login
» Best/Newest/Oldest sorting
» and much more...